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Our Quartets

The Heart of Harmony Chorus is proud to have two skilled and talented quartets in our midst. Quartet singing is challenging and these men work hard to create beautiful harmonies.

Our first quartet recently competed in the Land O’Lakes Fall District Contest where they scored in the top 10 at the quartet competition. Although they haven’t been together long, they hope to stay together through thick…. And thin…. No Pun Intended featuring Todd (tenor), Justin (lead), Mike (baritone), and Bryan (bass).

Our Second quartet has only been together since 2018, featuring 4 guys with years of singing experience who enjoy making music together. The name, Back In Time, implies great songs from the past, and the guys also bring a solid ensemble sound to each song. This group is great for Church, school national anthems, parties, retirement homes and facilities as well as fund raisers and singing valentines. Bob on Tenor, Rich on Lead, Jack on Baritone and Dale on Bass….Back In Time!